Many Worlds, One Globe

Many Worlds, One Globe

On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, the Hutton Honors College is sponsoring Many Worlds, One Globe, a multi-year theme that addresses research and extracurricular activities, as well as pedagogical initiatives (including funds for the development of courses with an integrated international component). This comprehensive topic reflects the wishes of Edward L. Hutton, who was an enthusiastic advocate of the importance of international experience in the education of IU students, and recognizes one of the primary themes of the IU 2020 Bicentennial. The contrastive nature of the theme stresses the paradox of the current times, caused by the universal access to information (which makes us feel part of a global dimension) and the innate feeling to belong to specific roots, with a strong identity and autonomy.

Many Worlds

Many Worlds, because we live in a multifaceted, multicultural, and multilingual world; because individual drive is a necessary ingredient to achieve success in any field; and because without the respect for individual intelligences, different cultures, beliefs, and ways of life, we rarely accomplish any high achievement.

One Globe

One Globe, because technology, social media, the economy, and the international common policies that aim at improving everyone's and the planet's well-being, can and should help embrace all our vital and individual differences, and transform them into a global commodity.

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