Event Planning Timeline

1.5 Months Before Event

Have the event budget planned. Verify the vendors with your advisors. Know the purchase limitations.

1 Month Before Event

Ensure funding is secured. Plan your purchasing method (PO or PCard).

2 Weeks Before Event

If using PCard, schedule a time to pick up card and use. Verify funding has been transferred to your organization's account. Submit the Event Vendor Request form.

1 Week Before Event

Ensure all purchases are in order or have been placed. Keep all documents related to purchases made prior to event.

Day of Event

Keep any original documents from deliveries or purchases.

24 Hours After Event

Fill out Receipt Submission Form. Scan a copy for your organization's records. Make sure PCards are returned.

1 Week After Event

Ensure ledger reflects purchases that were made. Ensure any excess funding that needs to be returned is transferred.