Edward L. Hutton

In the fall of 2004, Indiana University Bloomington named its Honors College for Edward L. Hutton, an IU alumnus and a prominent philanthropist and businessman from Cincinnati, Ohio.

Hutton, chairman of Chemed Corp. in Cincinnati and chairman of Omnicare Inc., grew up near Bloomington in the town of Bedford, Ind., during the Depression. After earning bachelor's and master's degrees from IU, he served in the U.S. Army in Germany. After the war, he worked in Berlin in the occupational government's Export/Import Division, negotiating trade agreements with several countries to help rebuild the German economy.

Edward L. Hutton Biography

The experience profoundly changed my life, so much so that I've always held that those years of living and working abroad were the key to my development as a person and success as a businessman.

Edward L. Hutton, on his international experience