Message from the Dean

Message from Dean Ciccarelli

Dear Hutton students,

With the new calendar year, the Hutton Honors College renews its commitment to offer the best education and campus experience to you, our students. We are grateful our Hutton building is populated once again by so many of you, attending classes and events, and sitting down in our Great Room or Lounge to work on your course assignments and papers. The sight of a busy building, filled with energetic students, was what we missed the most during the remote part of the pandemic. Many academic aspects can be dealt with online, but the personal, cultural, intellectual, and social interactions offered by a true residential campus experience has no substitute. 

This spring, we are offering 35 interdisciplinary Honors classes taught by instructors from all IU schools; we will have a wealth of guest speakers addressing issues related to artistic, social, environmental, business, and medical issues; several symposia and conferences, including our annual Research Symposium, a conference on Medical Humanities and Cox Scholars research presentations. The Hutton Honors College Student Organizations will continue to discuss and propose changes to our structure, to make the Hutton Honors College more and more in tune with your exigencies.

Our Hutton International Experience Program courses abroad will resume this year.  2022 experiences will be in France, Ghana, Costa Rica, and the Netherlands.  

I invite you to write to us with any personal or academic inquiry, to explore our website – as it likely has the answers you seek – and to remember that we are open for business!

Yours truly,

Andrea Ciccarelli


Dean's Statement on Inclusiveness

The mission of the Hutton Honors College is to foster interdisciplinary and transcultural learning, as well as international experience. These beliefs are reiterated in our long-term “Many Worlds, One Globe” lecture/workshop series, where we explain that we use the plural, many worlds, because we live in a multifaceted, multicultural, and multilingual world; and because individual drive is a necessary ingredient to achieve success in any field. However, without the respect for different cultures, beliefs, and ways of life, we cannot accomplish any high achievement in life. These inherent beliefs form the texture of the Hutton community - present, past and future - and attest that Hutton, like IU, envisions inclusiveness and diversity as a natural and necessary way to learn, debate, discuss, and exchange ideas, in order to grow as individuals and as a society. One of the ultimate goals of knowledge is, in fact, the elimination of prejudice and hatred, in order to create a stronger, more tolerant, cohesive and just society that includes, treats and represents everybody equally. The Hutton Honors College's academic objectives fully operate within this pedagogical model of dialogue.