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Andrea Ciccarelli, Dean

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  • Online Fulbright Info Session

  • How does one study a culture that is not one's own? How does one engage with communities and cultures across time and varied geographies? How does one approach vernacular arts and artists in different countries and cultures to learn individual and communal practices? A lifetime of close, and long-term, ethnographic work are among the hallmarks of scholar and researcher Dr. Henry Glassie's career. From early adulthood, through a rich and long career, and on beyond "retirement," Dr. Glassie has engaged with the artists and arts of the many communities he has studied and lived with around the world. RSVP REQUIRED.
    One of Dr. Glassie's former students, folklorist and Academy Award winner (The Stone Carvers - 1985) Marjorie Hunt will also be in attendance. 

    The film "Henry Glassie: Field Work" by Irish director Pat Collins is still working its way through the international film festival circuit, yet there will be a one-time only showing at the IU Cinema on Monday, April 13, at 7:00pm. The film is free, but a ticket is required. There is a chance that the film will sell out. You can pick up free tickets at the IU Auditorium or online through their website.

    Online tickets: https://cinema.indiana.edu/upcoming-films/screening/2020-spring-program-monday-april-13-700pm

  • Online Fulbright Info Session

Many worlds, One Globe

The Many Worlds, One Globe program combines research and extracurricular activities with support for pedagogical initiatives focused on multiculturalism and globalization. This multi-year initiative is part of the Hutton Honors College's 50th anniversary and the IU Bicentennial celebration.

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