Honors Residential Communities

Make friends and build a community by living in an HRC

Maximize your IU honors experience by living in a Honors Residential Community. With floors in each residential neighborhood at IU, you can find an HRC that fits your preferences. Your floormates will share your intellectual motivation as well as your quest for fun. Feel supported in your academic pursuits while also enjoying movie nights, ice cream socials, and lively discussions with your floor community.

Honors students from all disciplines join together in HRCs, which will broaden your friendship circles and connect you to a diverse group of students.

There's such a community feeling, and a very comfortable atmosphere. We don't seclude ourselves from other floors. In fact, we get lots of visitors who secretly wish they lived on our floor! I definitely recommend living in the HRC.

HRC Resident - Northwest Neighborhood

HRCs are in high demand; apply with Residential Programs and Services early. RPS can also offer you guidance on roommate assignments, fees, and specific details for each residence hall and neighborhood. HRC floors are located in Briscoe Quadrangle, Teter Quadrangle, Forest Quadrangle, and Spruce Hall, with reserved space in Union Street Center for students at sophomore, junior, and senior standing.