Honors Seminars

Hutton Honors Seminars

The seminars offered by the Hutton Honors College are small (12-25 students), largely discussion-based classes. Many are interdisciplinary, meaning that they explore topics (such as "Failure," "Modern Madness," or "Luxury") from multiple perspectives; they push students to think "outside the box" and get out of the bubble of their own major and school. Most seminars have significant reading loads and some (especially HHC-H 211 and 212 "Classic Authors, Contemporary Questions") require considerable writing. These may be challenging courses, but they also may be the most rewarding of your academic career. 

Hutton Honors College students may take as many (or as few) seminars as they like. We hope you will take at least one in your first two years at university. If you have any questions, please contact hhcadvng@indiana.edu.

"Gareth Evans's seminar 'Modern Madness' ended up being a truly life-changing course. My freshman year, I was majoring in Psychology and had no idea of a career. Learning how mental health issues have been treated in the legal system sparked a deep passion for advocacy and inspired me to add a Criminal Justice double major. I am now planning to go to law school."

Laurie F. (Denver, Colorado), class of 2025.