Creative Activity

Award amounts

Up to $1,500 for Fall or Spring

Up to $3,000 for Summer

Eligibility requirements

  • Minimum cumulative GPA 3.40 or 3.70 major GPA
  • Junior or Senior class standing
  • Full-time IU Bloomington undergraduate student status (summer term applicants & graduating seniors in their last semester are exempt from enrolling in full-time course load)
  • One-time only award
  • Must complete activity before graduation date

Application deadlines

Summer: Friday before Spring Break

Fall Semester: Friday after Spring Break

Spring Semester: Last Friday in October

Note: Students who are made aware of creative activity opportunities after the application deadline should follow the nonstandard grant application cycle procedures.

Application materials

  1. Online Application Form
    • Samples of the applicant's completed work in the same field
    • IU Bloomington faculty letter of recommendation
    • A second letter of recommendation from an individual familiar with your work in the proposed project field (may also be IUB faculty)
    • IU Unofficial Transcript
  2. Domestic or International Travel Waiver Form (for all projects outside of Bloomington, IN)


Funding recipients must submit a one-page evaluation of their experience before the deadline of the application period that immediately follows the funded activity. Students who do not comply will be ineligible to receive additional HHC funding.

Submit your Evaluation

Important information for funding and scholarship applicants

If you filed the FAFSA and are receiving financial aid (for example: Direct Loans, Pell Promise grants, 21st Century Scholars Covenant), and you receive one of the Hutton Honors College's grants or scholarships, your award from the Hutton Honors College may not be paid-out in the form of cash funds (i.e., as money paid into your Bursar account), but instead, may be used by IU's Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA) to reduce your student/parent loan burden or reduce your federal/state grant by the amount awarded to you by the HHC.

 To learn how HHC funding may impact your financial aid, please contact OSFA at Also, please refer to OSFA for information regarding study abroad and financial aid. 

Contact the HHC Grant Program

For answers to questions about the Hutton Honors College's grants and awards, email

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