Funding Board

Apply for funding for campus programs

The Hutton Honors College Funding Board provides support for special initiatives led by individual students who are members of the Hutton Honors College as well as HHC student organizations. Diversity and philanthropic initiatives, student awareness programs, guest speakers, leadership training, and educational programs have all received past support. Ideally, supported programs support an educational or professional development purpose and benefit at least 30 or more honors students.

Application requirements

  1. Review the requirements for funded initiatives before applying.
  2. The completed Funding Board application must be submitted by a Hutton Honors College student or organization to
  3. Initiatives must have a faculty or professional staff sponsor. For HHC organizations, this sponsor may be your organization's sponsor.
  4. Most applications require a brief presentation by at least one group member before the Funding Board during its regular meeting.

For assistance with your Funding Board application, contact

Application deadlines and meeting schedule

The Funding Board meets two Fridays each month during the regular semesters and will consider applications on a rolling basis. Submit applications at least one week in advance of the Funding Board meeting for consideration at that meeting. The Funding Board will notify applicants of its decision within three business days following the meeting.

Meetings will be held from 1-2 p.m. at the Hutton Honors College.