Membership Requirements

Requirements for membership and good standing

To meet the academic course requirement in the HHC, students must successfully complete two approved Hutton or departmental honors courses by the end of their sixth semester.

To maintain membership in the HHC, all students must carry a cumulative GPA (CGPA) of 3.40 or higher. Students' CGPA will be reviewed at the end of their freshman year and in succeeding academic semesters.

For students who have been offered and have accepted a Hutton Honors College Scholarship as a freshman, their scholarship is renewable for a further three academic years if they maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.40 or above and enroll in three 3-credit-hour approved honors courses for a letter grade (not pass/fail) during their first four semesters at IU Bloomington.

For additional information, including Conditional Membership, Dismissal and the Hutton Honors College Code of Conduct, see the student handbook for the year you first joined the Hutton Honors College.

HHC Student Handbook

The Hutton Honors College Student Handbook contains policies, and requirements for all Hutton Honors College students. Students should reference the Student Handbook from the year you joined the HHC.

Hutton Advisors can answer your questions

If you have questions about this or any part of your Hutton Honors College academic experience, schedule a meeting with a Hutton advisor using the Student Appointment Scheduler in One.IU.