Graduating With Honors

Hutton Honors Notation requirements

  • Complete at least 18 hours of honors coursework, including at least two Hutton Honors College seminars (HON-H) of three credit hours each
    • Please note that the 1-credit HON-H 299 and 1-credit HON-H 300 discussion sections do not count towards the seminar requirement
  • Complete at least one engaged learning experience that carries credit at IU
  • Maintain at least a 3.40 GPA for the 18 credit hours applied toward the Hutton Honors Notation with no grade lower than a C
  • Submit an Hutton Honors Notation application upon completion of requirements or prior to graduation.
  • Graduate with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.40

Hutton Honors Notation Resources

The Hutton Honors Notation Planning Worksheet is for students wanting to brainstorm ideas on how to complete their honors diploma. The Planning Worksheet should be used in the beginning to research honors courses and engaged learning opportunities.

The Hutton Honors Notation Tracking Worksheet is for students wanting to track their progress toward the honors diploma. The Tracking Worksheet should be kept with other degree planning resources and be updated after each semester when students take honors courses.

Hutton Advisors can answer your questions

If you have questions about this or any part of your Hutton Honors College academic experience, schedule a meeting with a Hutton advisor using the Student Appointment Scheduler in One.IU.