The Ethics of Fast Fashion

Friday November 30th, 2018 at 9:00am - 10:00am

The Ethics of Fast Fashion

The Impact of Fast Fashion on Consumers and Producers

Mary Embry
Apparel Merchandising Senior Lecturer, Apparel Merchandising Director

Is the fashion industry doing enough, or any at all, to avoid the exploitation of (child) labor? What can we do as consumers to respond to this issue? Some claim that these are the only few jobs available in several countries. Should the governments close those factories anyhow, or simply impose modern labor rules, even if this means loss of jobs? 

Come for coffee, a croissant, and a discussion led by Mary Embry, Apparel Merchandising Director. Mary Embry is a Senior Lecturer of Merchandising, focusing on sustainability, fair trade, and product development. Having won a Trustees Teaching Award in 2016, Professor Embry is a specialist in service learning, information literacy, international consciousness, and integrative learning that spans from making to the marketplace. 

Before you arrive, our facilitator would like for everyone to read ...

Young, R. (2018, Sept 13). Fashion to die for. Business of Fashion. 


For the Ethics for Breakfast discussion series for undergraduates, topics are drawn from local events, national and international news, research by IU scholars, and ethics debate competitions. Cases or short readings for each discussion may be distributed in advance, and at each session a facilitator will provide a short summary of the key issues to get the discussion started.

Ethics for Breakfast

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