Undergraduate Research Symposium

2021 Hutton Honors College Research Symposium & Poster Fair

The HHC Research Symposium and Poster Fair are open to all disciplines across the IU Bloomington campus. This event provides an ideal opportunity for the community to experience a showcase of undergraduate research and to see what topics students in a variety of fields are exploring here at IU.

Symposium Schedule

Dr. Andrea Ciccarelli

Dean, Hutton Honors College

Provost Professor of French and Italian

Undergraduate Moderator: Christina Alex

Graduate Moderator: Taryn Bosquez

Presenters: Jenis Feldhake/Arianna Smith, Tahlia Toni, Paresh Kumar, Muskaan Ramchandani, Walker Smith, Sierra Wilson, Jenna Billingsley

Undergraduate Moderator: Mikayla Deckard

Graduate Moderator: Gabriel Nah

Presenters: Mira Antonopoulos, Elizabeth Murphy, Joelle Jackson, Sophie Wang, Kaitlyn Ross, David Wolfe Bender, Chloe Getschow

Undergraduate Moderator: Muskaan Ramchandani

Graduate Moderator: Jasmine Davis

Presenters: Olivia DeCrane, Jacob A. Castaneda, Jodi Lamie, Jo Wright, E. Awdey, Lizeth Aguilar, Samuel Bowden

Undergraduate Moderator: Arianna Smith

Graduate Moderator: Marina Mecham

Presenters: Emma Williams, Russ Hensley, Mehul Gupta

Poster Presentations

Presenter: Christina Alex

Presenter: Caroline Armstrong
Majors: Art History, Classical Civilizations, History
Contact: cnarmstr@iu.edu 

Presenter: Nicholas Buehler
Majors: Behavioral Economics, Biology
Contact: njbuehle@iu.edu 

Presenter: Mikayla Deckard
Major: Human Biology
Contact: mikdecka@iu.edu 

Presenter: Mandeep Dhillon
Majors: Neuroscience, Spanish
Contact: mkdhillo@iu.edu 

Presenter: Melanie Forbes
Major: Human Biology
Contact: melforbe@iu.edu 

Presenter: Sierra Ford
Major: Community Health
Contact: sieford@iu.edu 

Presenter: Brooklynn Shively
International Law and Institutions/Environmental and Sustainability Studies

Presenter: Kaitlynn Burke


Presenter: Fezaan Kazi
Major: Neuroscience
Contact: fkazi@iu.edu 


Presenter: Prabhvir Lakhan
Major: Neuroscience
Contact: plakhan@iu.edu 


Presenter: Suki Sasic
Majors: Human Biology, History
Contact: suksasi@iu.edu 


Presenter: Meg Southard
Majors: Neuroscience, Spanish
Contact: megsouth@iu.edu 


Presenter: Sarah Stockman
Major: Psychology
Contact: sarestoc@iu.edu 


Presenter: Sarah Stockman
Major: Psychology
Contact: sarestoc@iu.edu  


Presenter: Joye Tracey
Major: Biology
Contact: jxtracey@iu.edu 


Presenter: Sierra Wilson
Majors: Neuroscience, Arabic
Contact: silywils@iu.edu 

Presenter: Lynn Xiong
Majors: Neuroscience, Psychology
Contact: lyxiong@iu.edu 

Presenter: MaKayla Study
Major: Psychology
Contact: makstudy@iu.edu 

Presenter: Mustafaa Munir
Major: Neuroscience
Contact: mumunir@iu.edu 


Thank you to our attendees, presenters, and faculty research mentors for making the Hutton Undergraduate Research Symposium an annual success. 

This annual event would not be possible without the dedicated work of the Research Symposium Steering Committee and our many volunteer moderators.