Research & Creative Activity

Engage in research and creative activities

The Hutton Honors College supports students in presenting the results of their research and creative activity through the annual Hutton Honors College Research Symposium and Poster Fair.

See Grants & Awards for information about the HHC's funding opportunities for research and creative activity, including the Research Grant, the Creative Activity Grant, the Research Partnership, the HHC Thesis Award, the Individualized Major Program Capstone Award, the BFA Capstone Award, and the HHC Travel Grant.

Present your research at the HHC Research Symposium & Poster Fair

The Symposium and Poster Fair are open to all disciplines, including (but not limited to): visual and performing arts, humanities, social and behavioral sciences, public affairs, natural and physical sciences, mathematics, business and economics, education, and nursing. Presenting at the Symposium and Poster Fair is an ideal opportunity to showcase your work and to see what other students in a variety of fields are exploring here at IU. It is also offers you the chance to perfect your presentation skills and receive valuable feedback from faculty and interested colleagues.